Your Content Package



We'll shot your content in 3-4 different set ups, pre determined with you.


High-Quality Stock Photography

We'll find, buy and license stock photography using keywords we've all agreed on.


User Generated Content

Searching pre-agreed hashtags we'll find, and license images your audience are already shooting.



Resulting in enough images to post almost every day of the month with enough of a mix not to get repetitive!

Define your key themes

Let's say you're an alcohol-free beer brand who's looking to become the poolside drink of the summer ☀️

Alcohol Free

Palm Trees


Poolside Drinks

If you're really lost on what to go for in terms of themes and keywords for the brand we can create a brand strategy with you.

Shot Photography

Using your keywords, we present to you twenty different setups along with the location and date of the shoot. Once you're happy, we go and snap away 📸

High Quality Stock Photography

We'd suggest going for a location or something more abstract here. For a beer brand, there's no use in us giving you stock of people enjoying beers. But what if we delivered five shots of Belgium towns, classic bicycles, fashion, adventure...We're signed up to the "bulk" package of every stock site online, meaning we can buy stock photography at a lower price on behalf of your brand.

User Generated Content

Our researchers look through your brand hashtags and reach out to each person ensuring they're over 21 and agree to us using their content.We'll also browse a selection of hashtags, in this case, #Summer and #Poolside fit the brand perfectly.

The Result

Is a content mix every month that doesn't look like the same photos from the same shoot. A real selection of images aligned to your brand's goals to create an outstanding looking feed.


You now have the ability to shoot anywhere in the world.


This isn't a set it and forget it tool. You'll have contact with your own producer throughout.


Your choice of photographers from our pool of talent.


By working with us on the right keywords for the content - the package is completely moldable to you.

Cost Effective

Your choice of location without having to fly your existing team out.

A Real Mix

You're not just paying for images from one shoot - you'll have a real blend to use throughout each month.

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