Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

You can expect to be presented with 2-3 content creators for the project depending on how remote a location you’d like your content shot in. For example – if you’d like your stock shot in the middle of the Sahara Desert you might have fewer content creator options!

Once we’ve decided on which content creator we’re shooting with, you’ll be sent a prepaid label as well as the nearest post office address to our content creator.

We’d recommend leaving your stock with the content creator as you might want to use them to shoot again for another batch of content the following month. If two months go by with no intent to shoot again we can let the content creator know that the stock is an added bonus or we arrange payment from yourself for postage to have stock sent back.

We make sure before anything is shot that everyone is exceptionally clear on style and expectations for the shoot. As you’re aware we’re not shooting a perfectly lit batch of studio content where we’re in complete control of what we’re making (this is where you’re making your savings) so a few elements are out of our control. We haven’t had an unhappy client to date – but if you do require a reshoot please just speak with your producer on the project and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We’re quick! You can expect a response email within 1-2 days.

One of our producers will send you an email with options for call times. Once a time and date for the call is agreed you’ll both have a chance to discuss the brand and the project in-depth, asking as many questions as needed.

Once we’ve had our initial briefing call a 50% deposit for the work is needed up front for our producer to begin the content creator search.

The following 50% will be invoiced upon delivery of the content.

Please allow 1-2 days for an email response from the briefing form, then however long it takes (based on availability) for yourself to get on a call with one of our producers.

Once yourself and a producer have spoken, please allow a week for content creator search. Once we’ve landed on the right content creator we’ll send you a pre paid label and address to ship stock to.

We’ll then let you know as soon as the stock is in the hands of our content creator. From there we tend to give our content creators 1-2 weeks to shoot the content depending on where we’re shooting, the content creators availability, if the shoot is dependant on certain weather conditions, and any added extras such as models or lighting. From there we give a day for grading and then can send through your content!

We’re not like most other content production services. Once the content is shot, it’s yours! By paying the full fee you’re entitled to global usage in perpetuity. Use it wherever you want for however long you want!

We absolutely can! Though this isn’t typically included in the Content Package fee, if you require video please let your producer know and we can draw up an additional budget.

Becoming A YesMore Content Creator

Simply click through to our contact page and hit the ‘work with us’ link or (even easier) email WORK@YESMORECONTENT.COM. Please send us an email with a link to your portfolio, your current location, any travel you have confirmed for this year and current availability and we’ll get in touch.

We’re always looking for new, talented content creators to work with.

We want two things, talent and passion. YesMore Content was created because our clients (and we) were sick of seeing the same type of drinks photography on everyone’s feeds. Show us what you’d do that would shake things up for any of our clients on our home page and you’ll have our attention.

As soon as a client gets in contact who is in need of a content creator in your area, fitting your style, you’ll receive an email and a call from one of our producers letting you know you’ve been placed into a bid for a job. If the client selects your work (they tend to have three content creators to choose from) then we’ll be in touch.

We pay all our content creators on the last Friday of every month.